Price range 800 EUR - 2.000 EUR:


Child's violin set (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 scale) including bow, case, shoulder pad, kolophonium. The price will be taken into account when trading to the next largest instrument to 100%.


Price range 2.000 EUR - 8.000 EUR:


In this price range you will find a large choice of sweet-sounding old instruments. Instruments in this price range are suitable for scholars, students and ambitious amateur violinists.


Price range 8.000 EUR - 15.000 EUR:


Instruments in this price range represent a sound alternative to much more expensive French or Italian instruments. In this price range you will find instruments suitable for professional musicians. We recommend a 'blindfold-test' at our premises to compare the tone with more expensive offerings from other manufacturers.


Price range 15.000 EUR and above:


Precious French and Italian instruments from highly-regarded manufacturers.

Also see rare instruments.



All instruments in every price class are perfectly set-up and optimized for perfect sound quality. Most instruments are more than a hundred years old, therefore poor tone caused by uneven drying from wood and varnish can be ruled out.

Most instruments are equipped with top-quality components such as mammoth-ivory-nut,-bridge as well as tuning pegs, stringholders and end buttons with boxwood from the Pyrenees.